What is izakaya?

During the Edo period, sake liquor stores, or Sakaya, started allowing patrons to sit/stand on the premises to drink. Later, snacks that went well with sake were offered and it evolved into what we know now as an Izakaya. An Izakaya is deeply rooted in Japanese culture and today there are many different types of Izakaya to cater to growing diversity. 

Typically a beer or other alcoholic beverage is ordered when one is sitting down before browsing the menu. Unlike other Japanese styles of dining, Izakaya food is shared by everyone at the table, similar to Spanish tapas. Items are normally ordered slowly over several courses rather than all at once. The kitchen will serve the food when it is ready as opposed to set courses in Western restaurants. 

At Shōjō, we hope you embrace and enjoy the Izakaya style of dining!