Shojo Izakaya

We are a lively bar & restaurant located in Edmonton’s Brewery District.

Our concept is inspired by the late-night Izakaya pubs of Japan.

Grand Opening Friday, October 11th! Taking a limited number of reservations.

Located on the Northwest corner of the District below Wilfred’s restaurant.

What is “Shojo”?

The Shojo is a mythical Japanese spirit that has a fondness for alcohol- particularly sake. It frolics along the mountainous coasts of Japan and its appearance resembles an ape illustrated by its red face blushed from drinking.

What is Izakaya?

During the Edo period, sake liquor stores, or Sakaya, started allowing patrons to sit/stand on the premises to drink. Later, snacks that went well with sake were offered and it evolved into what we know now as an Izakaya.

Typically a beer or other alcoholic beverage is ordered when one is sitting down before browsing the menu. Unlike other Japanese styles of dining, Izakaya food is shared by everyone at the table, similar to Spanish tapas. Items are normally ordered slowly over several courses rather than all at once. The kitchen will serve the food when it is ready as opposed to set courses in Western restaurants.

Japanese Izakaya dishes spans across many different categories, from raw fish to fried chicken to grilled meat on a stick, which people from almost any culture can relate to and enjoy.

The Izakaya is truly the public house of the East, where eating a simple meal and drinking (a bit too much) only serves to strengthen friendships.

At Shojo, we hope you embrace and enjoy the Izakaya style of dining!


Featuring modern twists on Japanese classics, we consider our cuisine authentic but not traditional. Our menu will showcase a variety of dishes that will offer something for everybody to enjoy in a relaxed and unpretentious atmosphere.


Classic Japanese cocktail culture is centered around tradition.

The current craft cocktail movement in America is a revival of pre-Prohibition times. Japan, however, never experienced a Prohibition era, so its cocktail culture has been well-preserved and hasn’t changed all that much from what it was in the 1920’s. Much like Japanese cuisine, balance is key when it comes to Japanese cocktails. At Shojo, we embrace tradition when it comes to our beverage program.

Japanese Whisky

Less than a century old and with only a handful of distilleries, Japanese whisky has moved fast to develop its own unique style – or rather styles – and has met with growing acclaim in the West in recent years. From light and precise to smoky and fat, its malts and blends offer a world of whisky in miniature. At Shojo, we carry the largest selection of Japanese whiskies in Edmonton- the exciting world of Japanese Whisky awaits you!